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You Could Save Thousands on Periodontal and Dental Costs.

Have you been told you need a dental deep cleaning or root planing and scaling procedure to clean your teeth? Periogen progessively removes dental tartar with a simple and painless home procedure. It is safe, tested and effective.

Periogen Oral Rinse has started a revolution in the oral care industry. From ancient Romans to modern dentistry, the only way to remove dental tartar from teeth (and tartar is the reason for deep cleaning and root planing and scaling procedures) has been for a dental professional to scrape it off.

Periogen removes tartar and therefore may eliminate the need for these painful and expensive dental procedures associated with tartar build-up.

The results of this innovative treatment may include an end to gum infections.

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Protected under US patents:
8,298,516 and 8,303,938
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Contains no chemicals, bleaching agents, alcohol or abrasives that could harm tooth enamel or dental work.


100% Titanium Dioxide Free

Keep your teeth "Hygienist Clean" at home.

Make routine dental visits more pleasurable.

When applied as directed using a Waterpik Ultra oral irrigator, Periogen use may preclude the need for painful and costly dental deep cleanings.

What is dental plaque and tartar?  These terms are often used synonymously as the build-up of material on teeth between brushing.  Plaque and tartar are actually two different things.

Dental plaque is a slimy film that forms on the teeth, and it is caused by bacteria.

Dental tartar, or dental calculus as it is known by dental professionals, is a hard matrix of fossilized bacteria that forms on teeth above and below the gum line.

Plaque is removed and controlled by brushing and flossing.

Removing tartar on the teeth is usually performed by scraping or using an ultrasonic device by a dental hygienist.

PERIOGEN removes tartar in a simple process that you do at home. If you are looking for how to remove harmful tartar from your teeth, look no further. Tartar removal is a click away.

Recommended by Dental Professionals for:

·  Simple Gingivitis

·  Moderate Gum Disease

·  Advanced Periodontal Disease

·  Pre-Surgical Debridement

·  Cleaning Around Dental Appliances

·  Bleeding Gums

Recommended by Medical Professionals for:

·  Prevention of Orally-Induced Bacteremia




Periogen® safely and gently dissolves tartar (dental calculus) in four to eight weeks of daily use. 
tartar before tartar after Periogen
Before: Tartar Accumulations After 8 Weeks: Tartar Dissolved
Regular, occasional use thereafter keeps new tartar from forming.
tartar dissolved tartar build-up
During Periogen Use 6 Weeks After Stopping Periogen
Periogen® closes periodontal pockets and stops pain and bleeding during periodontal probing. 
Probing Before Periogen Probing After Periogen

Before Periogen Use:
4mm pocket, with bleeding

After 3 months of Periogen Use:
2mm pocket, no bleeding

Introducing the pain-free way to remove disease-laden tartar from both above and below the gum-line.  Periogen® dissolves tartar with regular irrigation when added to your daily oral care regimen. The dissolution of tartar precludes the need for painful deep cleanings, root planing and scaling.  With tartar eliminated, harmful bacteria, including destructive flesh-eating anaerobic bacteria, have no structure to live and multiply in, thus halting gum diseases and canker sores

Your Guide To Having the Healthiest Gums:

Brush morning and night.  Dental Plaque forms in 18-20 hours, so twice a day keeps the plaque away

Use floss, toothpicks and/or an interdental brush to keep food from between your teeth throughout the day

Irrigate with a WaterPik Ultra and Periogen® before bed each day


This product contains Sodium Tripolyphosphate (commonly used as a fish and shrimp preservative), Tetrapotasium Pyrophosphate (used in food and toothpaste), citric acid, and sodium fluoride (.04%). While all ingredients are food grade, persons allergic to any of these ingredients should not use Periogen. If mouth sensitivity, redness or rash develops following use, discontinue use immediately and if necessary seek medical help.




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