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Ask Your Dentist

If more dentists carried Periogen, fewer of us would end up being referred to the Periodontist for surgical procedures. If more dentists carried Periogen, fewer of us would experience pain during routine dental cleanings. If more dentists carried Periogen, fewer of us would be told we needed deep cleanings, scalings, or root planings. Does YOUR dentist carry Periogen? Does YOUR dentist know about Periogen? If not, why not? Wouldn’t any good dentist who cares about his/her patients, want to know about and recommend a product that dissolves tartar above and below the gumline? I’m just asking….

2 thoughts on “Ask Your Dentist

  1. sanvic

    Actually, I would be shocked if Dentists and Periodontists EVER used Periogen. Imagine all the MONEY they will lose! About 3-4 years ago I was sent to a Periodontist who wanted $1200.00 per quadrant to cut back my gums, scrape the roots and stitch back in place, with no guarantee of no more pockets. I chose to not spend $4800.00. I changed dentists, have gone for cleanings 3 times a year and quit smoking…which is what was blamed for the gum recessions (of course…nicotine is to blame for everything…even though non-smokers have the same gum recession/pocket problems).

    On June 9, 2011, I went for my 4 month cleaning and my dentist wanted to sell me a system for deep cleaning at home (looks like a Waterpik/irrigation type system), wants to do another deep scaling on the roots and wants $900.00…..of course that includes 2 “free” follow up visits with cleanings. ~~~rolling eyes here~~~

    That day, I went to, found Periogen, read the rave reviews and bought 3 bottles. I already own a Braun oral irrigation system, so I didn’t purchase the Waterpik (though I still may get that…I’m debating it…would really like the pocket attachments) and have been using Periogen twice a day since June 11(starting with teeth just cleaned by the dentist). I have NO tartar/plaque build up at all and 2 of the pockets are improving. If I get and use the pocket attachment with the new Waterpik, I’m thinking I can improve the pockets immensely….probably 100%.

    This stuff is AMAZING! I just can’t imagine any Periodontist or Dentists ever wanting their patients to use this. My Periodontist has lost $4800 and my dentist has lost $900 because I’m using this. How can they make any money if they have their patients use Periogen? I’m just sayin’….. :)

    I’m just praying you never stop making Periogen! I will never stop using it. I wish I would have discovered it years ago. I could have saved so much money over the years and my gums and teeth would have been healthier. Periodontists and Dentists must hate your product. Seriously.

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